Advocacy and Campaign

Part of our strength is in our ability to bring together various organisations and individuals in Myanmar’s gender equality landscape to advocate for issues and gender equality causes. We form Working Groups to focus on particular campaign strategies and initiatives, which are determined by the membership and Steering Committee.

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The Working Groups develop a strategy specific to the issue at hand  – for instance, on specific legal reforms or strategies to engage men in the gender equality dialogue – and develop a tailored campaign designed to reach target groups, such as lawmakers and the general public. We aim to do this in a vibrant, public manner, to both raise awareness on issues of gender inequality and propose action to improve the gender equality situation in Myanmar.We often link our campaigns to international campaigns, such as International Women’s Day (8 March) and 16 Days of Activism. In this way, we act as a conduit for a multitude of organisations and individuals to join global gender equality movements and raise awareness locally.

We are also demonstrating that GEN can play an influential role in the development of national policy and legal reform; for instance, through close collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare with regards to the development of the National Strategic Plan for the Advancement of Women 2013-2022, and the drafting of the Prevention (and Protection) of Violence Against Women Legislation.The network has emerged as an entity that is well placed to raise awareness; engage in strategic and evidence-based advocacy with duty bearers; and to provide technical support to a range of government.