San shwe

Dr. San Shwe

Senior Technical Consultant, Community Partners International

Sndar thant

Daw Sanda Thant

Director, Socio-Economic & Gender Resource Institute (SEGRI)

Kyaut kyaut khaing

Daw Kyawt Kyawt Khaing

Independent Consultant/Researcher

The Steering Committee currently comprises eleven Members from the following member categories to ensure an even spread of expertise and Member representation:

  • NGO/CSOs: up to 5 members
  •  INGOs: up to 3 members
  • Technical Resource Persons: up to 3 members The term of elected

Steering Committee Members is two year and they can be re-elected to serve up to two consecutive terms. From these Steering Committee members, two Co-Chairs from different member groups are elected by the members for a two-year term irrespective of the previous tenure. The Steering Committee Members meet at least once a month which is generally the same day as Member Monthly Meetings.