GEN's Monthly Newsletter for April,2018

2018-05-02 | 232 views

Welcome to the April edition of the GEN Monthly Newsletter! We wish you all have new strength after Thingyan Holiday and have a joyful and successful life in this Myanmar New Year!

Each month, we will ask a GEN member, friend or staffer for some insight into their participation with GEN. This month we ask Ma Thwe Thwe Aye,Operation Manager of GEN about her feelings and experience with GEN.


Ma Thwe Thwe Aye (Operation Manager, GEN-CU)

In My Experience: Ma Thwe Thwe Aye

Greeting to all of the GEN Coordination unit staffs and members. I have been working at Gender Equality Network as an Operation Manager since 2016 April 4 and it’s over 2 years now. I worked at the government department, business works and social work sector since 1997. While I was working those areas, I saw the unequal opportunities, discriminations and no safe space for women physically and mentally at their work place. I didn’t know that there are some organizations that protect and consult the women who were violated so I couldn’t be able to help them to connect with them at that time.

When I begin my career at GEN, I gradually know more about this network that is working to evoke gender equality laws at the national level by advocating as well as members are working for the gender equality across the country. So I am proudly satisfy for having opportunity to apply my skill and ability to work with GEN. I wish all the citizens of our country to get gender equality as a Myanmar New Year wish.


GEN's Highlight

GEN's Strategic Plan Development Workshop 


GEN organized a two days Strategic Plan, 2019-2021 validation workshop participated by majority of the Steering Committee members and selected GEN staffs from the Coordination Unit. The workshop was held in ChiangMai, Thailand, with the aim to produce a final draft of GEN’s third Strategic Plan which was drafted with initial input from GEN’s members. This last workshop on Strategic Plan development also focused on identifying the activities to be undertaken by GEN in the next three years and also reviewed GEN’s organogram to enable effective implementation of activities.


GEN's Strategic Plan Development Workshop 




Resource Team Meeting

On April 4 and 20, resource team meeting was held with members at GEN office. During the meeting, ToR of Resource Team and the future plan of the resource team were discussed.


Resource Team Meeting



Capacity Building to GEN-CU Staffs

GEN-CU M&E Coordinator, Naw Czarina Pan Po and Training Coordinator U Win Pike Myo attended “Myanmar Facilitation Conference 2018”, held at Mandalay Hotel on April 5 and 6. The conference was organized by Facilitator Network Singapore (FNS), Capacity Building Initiative (CBI), and Myanmar Development Professionals (MDP). Around 20 participants from NGOs, INGOs, CSOs, professional facilitator were attended and participated in the conference.


Myanmar Facilitation Conference 2018 


Meeting and Workshop Attended as GEN's Representatives 

GEN-CU Acting Director, Advisor and many Steering Committee members as well as GEN members participated in the consultation on the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP), February 2018 on 1 April 2018 at Lotte Hotel in Yangon. It was jointly organized by Renaissance Institute and Myanmar Development Institute (MDI) and participated by over 300 participants representing government, private sector, development partners, representatives of political parties, local and international NGOs and CSOs to review and provide inputs to the MSDP. Dr. Sean Turnell, Economic Advisor to the State Counsellor and representatives from the Development Assistance Coordination Unit (DACU) also participated and GEN’s representatives were able to provide input on mainstreaming gender into the MSDP.

GEN has been identified as a member of the initiative on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) network at the meeting organized by UN Women on 4 April 2018 shared the results of the PSEA Survey; explained about the awareness raising initiatives for staff and affected population; how and where to report; identify key activities to strengthen accountability on PSEA and to form a PSEA network.

GEN Advisor participated in the meeting on 10 April 2018 organized by UN Women to prepare the Myanmar Gender Humanitarian Action Profile covering Kachin, Northern Shan and Rakhine, for which GEN provided relevant data sets, research, assessments on gender in humanitarian action in Myanmar and provided inputs to the first draft on the Profile.


Information Sharing

GEN is looking for a National Consultant (Baseline Study) for "Empowered Civil Society Organizations and Local Authorities Promoting Gender Equality in Myanmar” porject. The application deadline is 4th May 2018.
Download ToR of National Consultant (Baseline Study)

GEN is also looking for a Grant Officer for "Empowered Civil Society Organizations and Local Authorities Promoting Gender Equality in Myanmar” porject. The application deadline is 7th May 2018.
Download ToR of Grant Officer

Gender Academy is calling for the position of Admin and Finance Officer based in Yangon. The application deadline is 7th May 2018.     Download ToR of AFO

LIFT is calling proposal for Inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families in social protection and livelihood programmes. The application deadline is 24th May 2018 and please see the details from LIFT's website and UNGM  website .