WHO CAN BE A MEMBER ? Membership is open to representatives from non-profit,
non-partisan NGOs, civil society organizations,INGOs,
networks and Technical Resource Persons.

steering committee

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The Steering Committee currently comprises eleven Members from the following member categories to ensure an even spread of expertise and Member representation:

  1. NGO/CSOs: up to 5 members
  2.  INGOs: up to 4 members

Steering Committee Members is two years and they can be re-elected to serve up to two consecutive terms. From these Steering Committee members, two Co-Chairs from different member groups are elected by the members for a two-year term irrespective of the previous tenure. The Steering Committee Members meet at least once a month which is generally the same day as Member Monthly Meetings.

  • Lead the GEN in determining strategies, priorities and initiatives
  • Oversee the implementation of activities of GEN in line with the objectives and strategic direction of the GEN, ensuring transparency and accountability to both members and donors
  •  Guide and support fundraising
  •  Oversee and ensure proper management of finances, and approve the plans and budgets for all GEN initiatives
  • Play a role in selecting and appointing the senior staff of the Coordination Unit
  •  Represent GEN on committees, at relevant forums and events, and maintain external relationships and communication with relevant stakeholders as required
  • Only members from “Active” Category will be invited for nomination and voting process to be GEN’s Steering Committee Members
  •  Requests for nominations are invited during Member Monthly Meetings or by email * Members can self-nominate or be nominated by others
  • The GEN-CU then contacts each nominee, who receives more than two nominations, to see if they are willing to stand for election or not
  • If the nominees agree to stand for election, their profiles will be provided and shared to members, prior to voting process, through e-mail and during Monthly Meetings
  •  Every member is entitled to one vote to elect Steering Committee Members