Membership is open to representatives from non-profit, non-partisan NGOs, civil society organizations,
INGOs, networks and Technical Resource Persons.

For National and International Non-Government Organisations to become members of GEN, the organisations must:

  1.  Work for gender equality and/or women’s rights in Myanmar
  2.  Be interested in promoting gender equality in Myanmar
  3.  Provide profile of the organization and organizational structure
  4.  Understand strategic plans and activities of GEN
  5.  Acknowledge core values and principles of GEN
  6.  Present how they are able to collaborate with work of GEN upon membership application
  7.  Be able to share their expertise and experience to work of GEN
  8.  Submit an approval to become membership from Head of Organisation
  9. Provide names and contact information of a focal person and Head of Organisation (if applicable, of alternative focal person)
  10. Sign the consent form including role and responsibilities of being a member of GEN
  11.  Be recommended by at least one existing and active member of GEN