Gender Equality Network and DCA NCA organized the Refresher Social Accountability and Good Governance workshop from 5th to 7th February 2020 at Cartel Hotel in Myitkyina. Township Development Committee from Myitkyina, Waimaw, Moegaung and Mohnyin; General Administration Department and Department of Social Welfare; and (15) CSOs from Bahmaw, Myitkyina, Waimaw, Moegaung and Mohnyin attended and there were (48) participants in total. On the first day, governance responsibility work plan which was developed at the previous SAG workshop is analyzed from the governance perspective and the current work plan which is being implemented is revised from gender perspective and on the second day, National-level NSPAW, MNCW, CEDAW and TWGs, MSDP were presented and regional governance system was demonstrated and analyzed from gender perspective. On the third day, advantages, disadvantages and needs of changing the governance management pattern were presented and attended CSOs practiced demonstration. During the workshop, CSOs and government departments shared and discussed the difficulties with each other.