Statement on the Current Situation in Myanmar

by Organizations/Networks Working for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

4 February 2021

As organizations/networks dedicated to promoting women’s rights and gender equality, we see that the current political situation, during the period that the whole country is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, is threatening the economic, physical and emotional security and stability of all people, including women and children, as well as critically undermining the ongoing process of peacebuilding, democratization and federalism in Myanmar.

In order to advance peace, equality and democracy, it is vital to respect the will and choice of the majority of people. We strongly believe that inclusive dialogue, rather than violence and pressure that are against democractic principles, is the most appropriate way to find solutions while limiting any detriment to the country. 

Therefore, we:

  • Strongly condemn the actions of the military that are against the will of majority of people;
  • Demand the immediate release of all detained political leaders and activists without any exception;
  • Encourage an immediate dialogue while adopting democratic principles and respecting the will of the majority of people.
  • Encourage the United Nations and International Community to stand with us and support us as we address the present political situation.

Organizations/Networks Working for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (in alphabatical order)

  1. Action for Society Holistic Development Organization 
  2. Alliance for Gender Inclusion in the Peace Process 
  3. CEDAW Action Myanmar 
  4. Cord Myanmar
  5. Colors Rainbow
  6. Equality Myanmar 
  7. Enlightened Myanmar Research Organization 
  8. Farmer Network
  9. Farmer’s Organization Mohnyin Township
  10. Future Star Organization
  11. Good Shepherd Myanmar Foundation
  12. Gender Equality Network 
  13. Gender and Development Institute-Myanmar
  14. Kachin Women Union 
  15. Kachin Women Peace Network
  16. Kayin Women Democracy Action Group 
  17. Legal Clinic Myanmar 
  18. Legal Knowledge Sharing
  19. Local Resource Centre
  20. Loi Kham Women Org
  21. Muditar Foundation
  22. Myanmar SCM
  23. Mandalar Yaung Sin
  24. Myanmar Independent Living Initiative
  25. Myanmar Human Rights Alliances Network
  26. May Doe Kabar
  27. Ninu (Women in Action Group)
  28. Pyi Gyi Khin
  29. Peace and Justice Myanmar
  30. Ratana Metta Organization
  31. Same Hand from Cherry Land
  32. Sandhi Governance Institute
  33. Sex Worker in Myanmar Network
  34. Shan Women Development Network 
  35. Shwe Min Thar Foundation
  36. Taw Win Thanzin Women Group
  37. TRY Organization (LGBT and Women Right)
  38. Thandaunggyi Womens Group
  39. Socio-Economic & Gender Resource Institute Myanmar 
  40. The Fifth Pillar 
  41. Union Group 
  42. White Marker Group
  43. WIN-Peace
  44. Win Shwe War
  45. Women Hands’ Myanmar Foundation 
  46. Women Can Do It 
  47. Women's Federation for Peace 
  48. Women Initiative Group
  49. Women’s Organizations Network (Myanmar) 
  50. Southern Shan State Women’s Organizations Network 
  51. Women’s Organizations Network (Kayin)
  52. Taungoo Women’s Organization Network
  53. Young Chi Thit