Gender Equality Network successfully held the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse (PSHEA) Policy Launch on 21st August 2019 at Melia Hotel in Yangon. The aim of this launch is to introduce the PSHEA Policy which is an internal policy practiced by Gender Equality Network. Invited guests including the representatives from the government, GEN members, embassies, development partners, media and suppliers attended the event. As the highlight of this policy launch, GEN-CU staff performed a role-play comprised of three parts to clarify the definition of sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse and to present procedures on responding the PSHEA cases.

This policy deals with sexual harassment in the workplace, and the sexual exploitation and abuse of recipients of assistance by staffs and those providing assistance on behalf of the Gender Equality Network. The policy sets out the principles for the prevention, as well as for receiving, handling and addressing sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse complaints. The policy principally addresses all GEN employee and related personnel.