The Gender Standard Terminology Consultation workshop was held in Sule Shangrila Hotel on 23 September 2019 from 10:00AM to 3:00Pm to standardize the terminology of women’s rights and gender equality which is designed to be easily implemented in Myanmar, for the organizations, such as CSO, NGO, INGO, UN agencies, researchers, students who are studying gender related subjects, policy and law makers, governments stakeholders who are working on the development of policy and legislation and donor agencies. The workshop was organized by gender equality network with the support of IDRC funding by Canada Government. There were total (19) participants, (3) males and (16) females, from (13) organizations who are actively working for women’s rights and gender equality. The workshop is the first time ever for the discussion and consultation on over 130 terminology related with women’s rights to be standardized and it will be benefits to be exact terminological accuracy, clear definitions specially for book publishers.